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Build stronger sales teams with benchmarking by identifying the best sales DNA for your organisation and hiring accordingly.


The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for over three decades.

The POP™ has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures throughout the world (including South Africa) and is used to discover self-managers who will be consistent top performers.

It has been proven effective in predicting both performance and retention. Use the POP™ for selecting sales positions roles where compensation is primarily based on commission.


Sales Professionals operating in competitive sales environments, including:

  • Sales Executives (in-field and inside sales)
  • Sales Managers


  • The Self Management Group, located in Toronto Canada, is the largest sales profiling company in the world – operating in 45 countries with reports available in over 40 languages
  • The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for over 35 years and is based on a database of over 10 million assessments
  • The POP Assessment has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures worldwide and its unique Predictor Score (PS) provides an extremely accurate prediction of top performance
  • Assessments are available via an online system and are available 24/7, 365 days a year.
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RevenuePartners (formerly ThinkSales) is the exclusive distributor of Self Management Group’s Assessments in Southern Africa.


Use the Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) Screen Assessments and Profile Assessments to save time in recruitment and money that may otherwise be wasted on poor hiring decisions


A Screen Assessment is a cost-effect solution for high-volume recruiting. It provides a summary report on a candidate's suitability to assist recruiters in building their shortlist
  • Determines suitability for competitive sales positions
  • Identifies high potential sales representatives and agents
  • Screens and eliminates candidates lacking essential background
  • Organises candidate information in a consistent fashion to provide an overall rating on talent, effort history and fit to sales
  • Identifies ‘self-managers’ likely to develop into sales leaders
  • Provides information for candidate/manager matching
  • Assessments are conducted by candidates online
  • Recruiters have 100% administrative control of their accounts via the RevenuePartners Online platform.


A Profile Assessment provides an in-depth report for informed decision-making on short-listed candidates
  • Profile Assessments predict performance in competitive sales roles
  • They measure innate self-management and pro-activity traits; achievement, motivation and closing style; and an individual’s need for independence and their need for structure
  • Because the report indicates a candidates ‘potential fit’ it contributes to lowering churn and increases staff retention
  • The Client’s Company Report includes suggested interview questions, tailored to the individual
  • The Candidate also receives a report with an overview of strengths and some career counselling on what to seek and what to avoid in career paths. This adds value to them in their hiring process, regardless of whether they are appointed or not
  • The Client’s Company Report also includes developmental suggestions and a coaching guide that is a very powerful tool for Managers to use once a hire has been made.
“The cost of the assessment is such a small portion of the cost vs the return on investment that we get from that – you can’t even compare.
The information you get from the assessment and the use you get out of that; the time saving. It’s a no-brainer for us, we use it all the time.”

– Katinka Beeslaar
HR Manager, PMG


The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for nearly three decades.

Currently available in over 40 languages, the POP™ provides sales management with feedback, interview suggestions, retention strategies and coaching suggestions on:

  • Business Development
  • Motivational Structure
  • Closing Style
  • Approach to Structure
  • Communication Style
  • Probable Performance Levels
  • Probable Retention
  • Self Confidence
  • Managing Call Reluctance
  • Essentials of Self Management


Why should I use Personality Assessments?

With the difficult economic climate and the development of stringent employment legislation, hiring the ‘correct’ individual within any organisation has become a critical issue as is optimising the use of current resources within your sales organisation.

A key factor is that managers are not able to objectively measure key DNA sales attributes such as call reluctance, time management, closing capability and leadership orientation with 100% certainty.

Personality assessments afford the element of objectivity and predictability, eliminating the ‘guess work’ out of selection and development. These tools increase the probability of predicting future performance as well as strengths and weaknesses and have a direct impact on revenue generation.

Am I using the best psychometric tools?

We use the highly reputable Self Management Group (SMG) psychometric tools which have been proven to help hire and select high potential candidates. SMG is the largest sales profiling company in the world and have over 35 years of ongoing research into the factors that make people successful in a variety of sales related roles in different industries.

Through scientific validation and constant refinement and improvement, SMG tools can accurately predict sales potential, performance and retention. SMG tools can easily be incorporated into existing recruitment and/ or development processes to help enhance selection and talent management efforts.

Are all the psychometric assessments online?

All psychometric assessments are completed online. Upon purchase, an online account is created from which assessment links are sent and reports can be generated. All clients are provided with training and reference materials on how to use their online assessment account. Clients have immediate access to the results upon completion as well as the option of having candidates automatically receiving their candidate feedback reports via email.

Can I use the same assessment for every position?

It is not recommended to use the same assessment for different roles as questions and information gained might not be pertinent to the role in question. RevenuePartners offers a wide range psychometric assessments which can be applied to different roles to ensure that the assessments provides relevant information and insights specific to the role you are assessing.

Can these psychometric assessments be used for both recruitment and development?

All RevenuePartners assessments are normative in nature and can therefore be used for both recruitment and development purposes. For recruitment purposes, the assessments enable you to identify whether candidates have the potential to be successful in your organisation. In terms of development, our assessments can be used for sales force optimisation to identify strengths and area for development to help target training and coaching efforts.

What support do you offer customers?

RevenuePartners offers an in-house Psychometrist who is available to assist with interpretation and assessment queries.

Will I be able to interpret the psychometric assessment results?

Our psychometric assessment reports are designed to be user friendly and easy to understand. In addition, all clients are provided with interpretation training to ensure they feel comfortable in interpreting assessment outcomes and to utilise the information in their recruitment and/ or development processes.

Is it possible to fake psychometric test results?

Our assessments have been designed to reduce the likelihood of misrepresentation as well as to identify and report on inconsistencies in the candidate’s responses and the likelihood that the respondent might have tried to present themselves in a more favourable light from who they truly are.

Where do you offer your psychometric assessment services and recruitment processes assistance?

RevenuePartners is the exclusive distributor of the Self-Management Group’s suite of psychometric assessments in the South African region. While our head office is based on Johannesburg, the broader geography is easily serviced via an easy to use online portal.


RevenuePartners offers this suite of services to assist companies in hiring and developing their Sales Managers and Sales Reps
Revenue partners - psychometric assessments for hiring - south africa

Build stronger sales teams with benchmarking by identifying the best sales DNA for your organisation and hiring accordingly.

Revenue partners - Development Priority mapping - assessing sales teams

A scientific development tool for identifying the strengths and development areas within your existing sales force.