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Transformative Sales Rep and Sales Manager Training Solutions

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Sales Executive Training

Training course to enhance selling skills for Sales Executives

Sales Coaching Sales Team Sales Talent

Are your sales executives putting in the effort but not seeing the results?

Are they struggling to close deals and meet targets? 

ThinkSales Sales Executive Training focuses on strengthening your self-management skills while developing your confidence and sales effectiveness so that you can successfully bring in your sales and become a top performer in your organisation. The course focuses on developing successful sales habits so that you can increase your sales referrals, boost your confidence levels and deliver great customer service every time.

Our training can help:

  • Adapt your selling approach for success in the Covid-19 environment
  • Develop successful prospecting skills
  • Build resilience and manage rejection
  • Perfect your close so you can nail that deal
  • Improve your productivity techniques and increase your ROI


training course for sales reps - Revenue Partners - formerly thinksales

Sales Skills Accelerator

2-Day Facilitator-led Course

This 2-day course is designed to develop and strengthen core selling skills and self-management aspects critical for delivering consistently steady sales results.

Sales Management Training

Training courses to strengthen Sales Management abilities

Revenue Partners Sales management solutions

Boost your sales results by investing in the development of your sales management team.

The Sales Manager Training is designed to hone the skills of new and existing sales managers – focusing on personal effectiveness, leadership prowess, mentoring techniques, sales team management and the strategic know-how to enhance competitive advantage. ThinkSales offers in-house and public sessions as well as refresher courses that provide one-on-one coaching for sales managers that are focused on on-going and lasting change.

The ThinkSales Sales Manager Training will equip you to:

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Develop your mentoring abilities to build a successful sales team
  • Improve sales force accountability and self-management
  • Manage a remote sales force and help them adapt to the Covid-19 environment
  • Motivate your sales team and boost your competitive edge

Sales Manager Pro

2-Day Facilitator-led Course

This course is designed to expand a sales manager’s strengths in the three critical areas of personal efficiency and effectiveness, sales team management and building a competitive sales organisation.

This 2-day course is designed to develop and strengthen core selling skills and self-management aspects critical for delivering consistently steady sales results.

Sales management training - revenue Partners - formerly thinksales
coaching course for Sales managers training - revenue Partners - formerly thinksales

Coaching Pro for Sales Managers

1-Day Facilitator-led Course

This 1-day Coaching Pro for Sales Managers course is designed to equip sales leaders with the framework and skill-set required to methodically coach their sales executives to improved performance.

Customer Engagement Training

Training to differentiate and create value in a client-centric manner

Revenue Partners Customer Engagement Sales Design and Process

Battling to differentiate your offering and communicate value?

Struggling to win new business?

A key challenge facing companies today is the difficulty experienced by the sales force to transition from benefits, features and price discussions to highlighting the differentiation and value of their products and services.

This workshop will assist you to:

  • Improve value messaging and client-centricity
  • Build sales team expertise and confidence when interacting with stakeholders
  • Increase perceived differentiation
  • Move beyond ‘no decisions’ & improve closing ratios
  • Increase wallet-share from new and existing clients
  • Improve customer service


Sales Force Value Differentiator

2-Day Facilitator-led Workshop

This 2-day workshop provides a value-driven customer engagement framework to enable your sales force to connect with buyers better and differentiate more clearly.