Sales Manager Pro Course


Sales management training - revenue Partners - formerly thinksales


This course is a fast-track to best-practice in sales management
  • Live or online facilitator-led training course
  • Practical exercises & take away tools for immediate implementation
  • Public training available: Click here to view upcoming dates
  • In-house training for groups of 8+ delegates available
  • Ongoing additional training services available for in-house programmes



  • Frontline Sales Managers responsible for sales teams in mid-, large- and enterprise-level companies
  • Business Owners looking to build sales team capacity


  • Experienced managers who have not had formal sales management training and who are experiencing one or more of the challenges outlined above
  • New managers.

Why Sales Management Training is Important

Sales managers are central to the performance of their teams. Improvements in their abilities yield results across the team.
  • Sales management is no less important than other business disciplines in finance, operations or marketing and yet there is limited formalised tertiary education for sales or sales management.
  • This results in uneven levels of skill and expertise acquired through ‘on-the-job’ learning or trial and error.
  • Sales managers are central to the performance of their teams. Improvements in their abilities yield results across the team.

Is this Course for You?

This course has been designed to enable Sales Managers who are:
  • Seeking to enhance and fine-tune the full set of skills required to deliver on their management and target mandates in the challenging Covid-19 environment
  • Having to cope with stress of multiple demands from above (senior management) and below (their team)
  • Looking to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of themselves and their team
  • Looking to lower sales executive churn and enhance engagement.



Course Content

This course is designed to expand and strengthen the critical aspects of a sales manager’s role. The information and insights condensed in this course could take years to learn on the job by trial-and-error.
Revenue Partners Sales Manager Training South Africa Live and online




  • Understanding the difference between the management vs leadership role

  • Build a positive, engaged and self-directed sales team

  • Time management to radically improve personal and team efficiency and effectiveness

  • Smarter approaches to hiring, onboarding, training and coaching

  • Scientific approaches to incentivising & motivating groups within sales teams




  • Acumen and skills-focused training providing strategies necessary for building a metrics-focused, results-producing sales team.

  • Uncover the sales engagement process secrets of top performing sales organisations

  • Focus your prospecting through identifying the ‘best opportunity to win’

  • The impact of your sales cycle length and sales activities on your pipeline

  • Tactics to improve the reliability and accuracy of forecasting


“I attended this course with two regional sales managers. It added huge value and resulted in the two managers achieving the top sales results for the year.
Both regions made target and Gauteng achieved 25% growth and Cape Town achieved 21% growth.
I can confidently say that the course added to the unbelievable results and the systems and way of managing the sales staff.
We found that the course material was practical and applicable and we were able to instantly implement the learnings.
We were so impressed that we implemented the course as part of the onboarding process for new managers and will be using it as part of the development plan in the future.”

Justin Vos: Key Accounts Manager
Meridian Wine Merchants


Do you customise this programme?

RevenuePartners training courses can be tailored for in-house course delivery, subject to minimum attendee numbers.

Do you offer a certificate for this course?

Yes. All delegates who attend the full 2-day Sales Manager Pro programme will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.

Do you offer Sales Manager training courses in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban?

All of our courses are offered throughout Southern Africa as in-house training programmes on bookings that meet the minimum number of delegates required. Public training sessions are held in Johannesburg only.


We offer a range of additional services designed to optimise ROI for companies that purchase in-house training.

These tailor-made programmes assist our clients to implement and embed learnings in their organisations over an extended period of time to ensure results.


Selected courseware and terminology can be tailored for in-house course delivery, to ensure the content is 100% aligned to our clients’ selling environment and challenges.

In-Field Observation

Our consultants accompany sales executives in-field before training commences to inform the client of alignment requirements for course delivery and / or after training to assess progress and make recommendations for improvement.

Implementation & Deployment

Our consultants run Implementation sessions with managers following training to assist them to prioritise key course learnings for implementation and align those learnings with existing systems, processes and terminology. We also run Deployment sessions with the broader team for adoption of selected learnings.

Refresher Training

Refresher sessions for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months following initial training are designed to cement learnings. These sessions refresh key concepts, assist delegates to embed learnings in their daily processes and workshop “real-life” challenges.