Case Studies


Revenue Growth & Sales Organisation Strategy

One of SA's largest unlisted companies

32% Increase in volume and 60% increase in gross profit year-on-year.


  • Faced with a deteriorating market in a struggling sector, Macsteel needed to find solutions to grow its market share.

World-leading manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding systems

34% Revenue growth opportunity identified


  • Difficulty achieving revenue growth and improved EBITDA in the midst of a flat economy and shrinking construction sector market space.

A leading managed IT services provider with a national footprint

20% Acceleration of growth goals


  • Identifying a clear pathway to simultaneous revenue growth and operational efficiency.
Revenue Partners Client BPW

A leading auto component manufacturer, headquartered in Germany

240% revenue increase in 6 months (product focus)


  • Acquiring new markets
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Improving Sales Force efficiency.

One of SA’s largest unlisted companies

Volume increase of 7.4% resulting from customer segmentation and new channel development

"Macsteel is an established organisation operating in a mature, competitive industry.

RevenuePartners assisted both myself and Macsteel in moulding our Sales Organisation into a far more focused and disciplined area of the company. This has allowed us to galvanise and accelerate our change processes to achieve our long-term strategic objectives.

I would highly recommend RevenuePartners to companies that need to refocus their Sales Organisations to build new differentiators in competitive markets."

– MIKE BENFIELD: Group CEO, Macsteel


Customer Engagement Process Design

SA’s largest online automotive marketplace (a Naspers company) 

Double-digit growth p.a. for 5+ years


  • Sales Reps were ‘order takers’ and lacked the ability to communicate value
  • Due to not understanding the value proposition, buyers often defaulted to lower-price competitors
  • Sales Reps were each following their own selling processes with varying degrees of success.

A leading online e-recruitment service provider in SA

52% decrease in deal loss ratio; 23% increase in turnover; 155% improvement in average order value


  • Inaccurate forecasting by Sales Managers
  • Wasted time and resources spent on the wrong clients
  • Inability of Sales Reps to articulate PNET’s value proposition to position and differentiate against competitors.


Scientific Hiring & Development Tools

One of SA’s foremost Out-of-Home Media specialists

Worst-performing business unit (BU) transformed into top-performing BU


  • PMG had struggled to attract and retain Sales Reps with the correct ‘competitive sales DNA’
  • As a result of constant Sales Rep churn and missed revenue targets PMG was on the verge of shutting down its Activations Division (the worst-performing business unit in the Group).

A leading provider of solutions that automate medical practices

Higher sales revenues achieved, without increasing the sales headcount


  • No tool in place to scientifically assess candidates’ suitability to roles requiring strong skills in competitive selling environments.


Up-Skilling Frontline Sales Managers & Reps

A leading Namibian financial services group

Doubled projected revenue growth

“I firmly believe as a result of the training and the way of working kick-started by this whole
culture of change through the training; where we were expecting growth of 3 to 4% our growth has doubled.

We are back up to 8 to 9% year-on-year which under the circumstances is actually
pretty good, and we’ve increased our market share.

The intervention helped us start hunting for the correct business... more quality business; you never disregard any business but sometimes you have to focus on where to get ROI."

– RIAAN VAN ROOYEN: Head of Sales, Retail Banking, Bank Windhoek

A leading provider of solutions that automate medical practices

Predictable sales pipelines and forecasting accuracy improved to 90-100%


  • Building predictable sales pipelines with accurate forecasting
  • Equipping Sales Managers with the ability to both manage and lead their teams
  • Reversing performance-related issues and obtaining consistent results from the Sales Force.

A global leader in crane rental services and engineered transport

Tripled sales funnel & improved target achievement across the team


  • Sales Reps had become dependent on revenue generated by long-term contracts
  • Sales Reps needed to be up-skilled to transition from Account Management roles to Competitive Selling roles to hunt for new business
  • Sales processes and structures were lacking, and Sales Reps were not focusing sufficient time and effort on revenue generating activities.

TomTom (now Webfleet) provides leading vehicle-tracking & fleet management software

Big deal that had previously been stalled for 6-months, closed within 2-weeks of intervention


  • Sales Reps were able to secure first meetings with prospects but battled to connect with the correct stakeholders and maintain momentum in progressing deals to the closing phase.


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