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Customer Engagement Process Design

In today’s highly competitive and commoditised environment, outdated relationship-selling is no longer effective.

Our bespoke co-created process design aligns your value differentiators with solving your customers' problems to distinguish your organisation – for a repeatable sales process, unique to your organisation which enables your Managers to measure, coach and scale – while also improving the accuracy of your forecasting.

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  • Sales Process Design

    Informal and/or adhoc Customer Engagement Processes negatively impact an organisation in many ways; from missed budgets, and underperforming Sales Reps to incorrect pipelines and operational efficiency.

    If you are struggling to win in your chosen markets and inaccurate forecasts are impacting operational efficiency, we can equip your Sales Force to achieve remarkable results by:

    • Designing a bespoke Customer Engagement Process based on our unique and proven frameworks
    • Mapping your process to the ‘Psychology of Change’
    • Enabling you to identify and articulate the key problems you solve and their root causes and aiding you to map your unique solutions to the customer’s specific problems
    • Your team will receive key documents and processes to be deployed uniformly across the organisation
    • The new process is piloted in the field with Sales Managers to a select group of customers for proof of concept and process iterations.

    Our fast-cycle planning approach and proven methodology ensure you have the results ready to deploy 12 weeks from project initiation.

  • Sales Force Effectiveness

    Sizeable budgets are allocated annually for sales training. Much of this investment is wasted due to training not being aligned with the company’s unique sales process and impact is further diluted through lack of buy-in reinforcement or implementation.

    We assist you overcome these problems by:

    • First deploying the process at the Sales Manager level for both iteration and process buy-in
    • Sales Managers pilot the process with two customers or prospects, accompanied by the relevant Sales Rep
    • We then deploy the process to the Sales Force in a 2-Day Deployment Workshop where your team practices the use of tools based on current real-life customer engagements
    • The team then goes into the field and deploys each phase of the process and is immediately supported by coaching and training
    • The coaching and training programme continues for a period until the new process has been embedded as the tried and tested ‘Sales Way.’

    The duration of this phase is determined by the number of Sales Staff (Key Accounts to Sales Reps) as well as their levels of competence.

  • Strategic or Key Account Planning

    Many companies leave high potential top-line and margin growth off the table with their customers, by not creating a very specific Strategic or Key Account Penetration Plan.

    A Key Account Penetration Plan includes multiple facets, from identification of key accounts to a process for penetrating these accounts for maximisation of wallet share gain.

    We assist you by:

    • Conducting an analysis of the Top 20% of your customers, using a multi-factor grading methodology
    • Gaining consensus on which of the 7 Key Account Phases will be deployed by your Organisation
    • Workshopping the detailed components of each phase
    • Note: This programme first requires Sales Process Design.

    This project can be completed within 4-6 weeks of initiation.

  • Lead Generation Process

    A challenge facing B2B companies today is the ability to secure new business meetings with the Best Opportunity to Win (BOTW) prospect companies as well as the correct stakeholders.

    A Lead Generation process encompasses all phases from strategy to secured meeting with the correct stakeholders.

    We Assist you through a 5-Phase Process which includes:

    1. Defining the Target Audience
    2. Securing and Organising the Leads
    3. Drafting the Message
    4. Freighting or emailing the database
    5. Follow-up for call setting by the Outbound Call Centre Agents or Sales Support Team.

    This process can be completed within 4-6 weeks of initiation.

  • Stakeholder Mapping

    A key challenge facing B2B companies today is the rise of procurement, coupled with your customers’ need for consensus-driven decision-making.

    Research indicates that decisions today are often made by 5 or more stakeholders, where everyone is required to say ‘yes’, but only one person can stall or cost the deal with a ‘no’.

    We assist you to overcome this problem by:

    • Understanding the key stakeholder roles in your target customer and prospect companies
    • Mapping the key business outcomes required by each stakeholder group
    • Capturing these outcomes in our unique Stakeholder Mapping tool to assist you identify where you may have a stakeholder gap.

    This project can be completed within 2-4 weeks of initiation.

  • CRM Optimisation

    Deploying a new CRM or ERP is a large undertaking, drawing on both financial and human resources. Correct scoping of the project as well as the design of usage protocols and KPIs is key to successful implementation.

    We work with both our client and the CRM / ERP Company to ensure a successful project.

    We assist you by:

    • Reviewing the Scoping Details
    • Ensuring the Sales Process Phases are correctly designed with sound pipeline & forecast stages
    • Designing usage protocols and KPIs.

    The design is completed in 4-8 weeks from project start, depending on the flow and speed of deployment by the CRM / ERP supplier.


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