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Productivity Enhancement

Inadequate productivity is one of the key factors impeding an Organisation’s operational efficiency and top-line growth. It is a hidden problem, costing companies millions in revenue per annum.

It has a disproportionately high impact on a Sales Force where leading activities (those activities that determine lagging indicators) such as win rates, deal sizes and budget achievement, determine the revenue+margin growth.

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  • Workload Analysis & Re-Design

    Productivity Enhancement is one of the most effective levers for improving operational efficiency and the achievement of the Commercial Growth Strategy.

    You can improve productivity significantly by utilising our proven Productivity Framework that refocuses your Sales Force’s activities for both high-quality time management as well as time maximisation.

    The process includes:

    • An analysis of current activities and time per activity
    • It is then determined which activities can be eliminated and which can be reduced
    • The key leading activities are then defined and allocated with directional time per activity to achieve improved outcomes
    • For a Sales Force the available time for leading activities determines the maximum number of customers and prospects each Sales Rep can effectively service
    • A weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual productivity schedule is designed based on the workload analysis.

    The analysis, workshop and data design are completed in 6-8 weeks from project start, depending on the flow and accuracy of data.

  • Win-Loss Analysis

    An important tool and process available to companies is a Win-Loss Analysis.

    A Win-Loss Analysis Programme affords an Organisation the opportunity to understand what factors are contributing to deals won, and which factors are contributing to deals lost.

    This insight allows the company to promptly and regularly improve gaps in product, service, and sales offering.

    We can assist you by:

    • Creating a Win-Loss Process with specific components unique to your Organisation
    • Drafting the questions for the Win-Loss Interview
    • Development of the Win-Loss Implementation Plan.

    This product can be completed within 4-6 weeks of project implementation.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Operational efficiency is key to driving and improving a company’s profitability and includes the operations and activities it performs to create products or services. Inefficient operations result in wasted money and effort, while efficient operations drive cost-effectiveness by reducing wasted time while maintaining quality and service.

    Our service offering is formulated based on definitive results from analysis, implementation, and change management. This solution is not based on a report and delivers guaranteed savings results if the recommendations are implemented. It delivers quantified financial profit improvement.

    A brief overview of our methodology:  

    • A preliminary assessment that identifies one or more departments with operational efficiency gaps
    • A quotation is then submitted for assessment and approval of a complete efficiency improvement project with demonstrated ROI
    • A detailed project plan is then submitted for approval, based on the available budget
    • A Team is deployed at the company in the selected department/s to implement the operational efficiency changes
    • A Project Close-out meeting is held to sign off on the agreed deliverables.

    The programme completion is dependent on the final scope of the project.

  • Organisational Urgency Analysis and Design

    Our experience has highlighted how a lack of urgency is handicapping many Organisations. We are not talking about frenetic urgency, the scourge of many companies where staff rush from meeting to meeting with no formal agendas and clarity of reason to attend.      

    Our interpretation of urgency is when the entire Organisation is galvanised around a crystal-clear culture of ‘Organised’ urgency. At the highest-performing companies, speed is the operating model. Speed is imperative. According to McKinsey, when you walk the halls of leading Organisations, you’ll repeatedly hear catchphrases such as “energy,” “metabolic rate,” “bias for action,” and “clock speed.”

    Furthermore, technology is changing everything. Digitisation, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the competitive landscape. Companies need to adapt or die.

    How We Assist Companies create adaptive, organised urgency

    The goal is to create an adaptive, fast-moving Organisation that responds quickly and flexibly to new opportunities and challenges as they arise. Our 6 Step process to achieve this objective includes:

    • Winning Aspiration: Culture, Purpose & Values
    • Urgency: Speed is acknowledged as a competitive advantage lever
    • Agility: Decision-making, re-designing structures
    • Capability: Leadership and talent models
    • Communication: Structured content sharing
    • Design Simplicity: Focus on 80/20.


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