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Commercial Growth Strategy

Identify and pursue opportunities lying just below the surface for top-line and margin growth.

With our proven fast-cycle planning methodology (based on specific sequencing components), you'll identify hidden margin upside opportunities and be guided in developing specific projects with KPIs to enable your company to capture margin growth potential.

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  • Commercial Growth Strategy Programme

    Are you struggling to win in your chosen markets, or is your organisation battling to achieve top-line and margin growth based on the value you offer customers?

    We can equip your organisation to achieve remarkable results through our Commercial Growth Strategy Programme by:

    • Ensuring the three fundamental components of your Commercial Growth Strategy are correctly designed and articulated
    • Optimisation of Revenue+Margin growth within your existing customers
    • Defining your differentiators with clarity by articulating why customers care using a value-based framework
    • Exploring a unique new buyer factor for a differentiated competitive profile utilising our strategic decision-making tool
    • Identifying a new Revenue+Margin growth lever to open up high-growth potential
    • Improving or launching a new Go-to-market channel.

    Our fast-cycle planning approach and proven methodology (delivered across multiple industries), coupled with execution assistance will ensure your Commercial Growth Strategy is defined and deployed within 3 months of launch.

  • Customer Segmentation & Market Opportunity Analysis

    If you have 50 or more customers, Account Segmentation should be viewed as one of the most important practices your organisation can execute in support of your Revenue+Margin growth strategy.

    Equip your organisation to achieve excellent growth with our 3-step process:

    • Step 1: Multi-Factor Classification: Account classification involves categorising your accounts utilising a multi-factor classification methodology
    • Step 2: Growth Qualification: This measures the value potential of the accounts to your organisation by Rand / Dollar / Euro
    • Step 3: Account Prioritisation: Once you have classified and qualified your customers, you will prioritise them based on their Revenue+Margin value to your company.

    This project is dependent on the supply of accurate data supply. Once data has been obtained, the project can be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

  • Go-To-Market Channels

    Go-to-market channels are critical for ensuring an organisation optimises penetration of specific market and customer segments.

    Using our proven Go-to-Market Analysis and Planning Frameworks, we can equip your organisation to improve existing, or establish new go-to-market channels by:

    • Assessing your current go-to-market channels
    • Assessing the value of a new go-to-market channel
    • Designing an end-to-end solution for a new go-to-market channel.

    A new go-to-market channel can be defined and deployed within 3 months of launch.

  • Sales Force Structure and Sizing

    Legacy Sales Force structure and sizing is one of the greatest impediments to optimised penetration of the Total Available Market (TAM). Without data and a proven process, incorrect structure and sizing of the Sales Force remains an unidentified problem.

    Utilise our unique Structure & Sizing Methodology for optimal productivity and market penetration. Components include: 

    • A current workload analysis
    • Review and analysis of the existing Sales Engagement Methodology
    • Review of customer allocation and prospect penetration expectations
    • A Total Available Market (TAM) hypothesis for market sizing
    • An assessment of the need for product, market, or activity specialisation
    • The development of a coverage matrix
    • Evaluation of structure alternatives, with the selection of the preferred Structure and Sizing model.

    The analysis and data design are completed in 6-8 weeks from project start, depending on the flow and accuracy of data.

  • Value Proposition Design

    Our experience indicates value proposition design and articulation is a weakness with many companies, resulting in value leakage.

    Utilise our unique Value Proposition Design Methodology for enhanced value articulation.

    Components include: 

    • Industry, Market and Competition Analysis
    • Customer interviews for feedback
    • An analysis of the Company and/or Product features, benefits, differentiators Unique Selling Proposition
    • A Workshop where a Value Proposition Canvas is utilised to map the essential elements of the value proposition
    • A value Proposition template is then used to articulate the Value Proposition to Why Customers Care.

    The analysis and design are completed in 4-6 weeks from project start, depending on the flow and accuracy of data.

  • Pricing Strategy

    Pricing raises profits more than increasing sales or cutting costs and the result of a good pricing strategy immediately drops to the bottom line.

    Utilise our unique Pricing Methodology for optimising profitable revenue growth.  We provide a comprehensive approach that spans 8 critical capabilities:

    • Step 1 Market Information: A competitive analysis is completed for a clear view of the competitor landscape
    • Step 2 Customer Value Drivers: A precise view of customer value drivers is developed
    • Step 3 Differentiators: Company and specific product differentiators are defined and articulated correctly
    • Step 4 Price Strategy: Based on Steps 1-3, objectives and outcomes are defined
    • Step 5 Pricing Models: Different models are explored and presented to the customer to achieve the best prices
    • Step 6 Process Deployment: We create the processes and structures for the commercial and operational front lines
    • Step 7 Pricing & Customer Interaction: We assist you effectively communicate your value through Marketing and the Sales Force
    • Step 8 Training Support: We provide training for our clients so they can sustain their growth over the long term.

    The analysis and data design are completed in 6-8 weeks from project start, depending on the flow and accuracy of data.


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