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In today's highly competitive business environment, growth-minded CEOs and their Teams understand achieving revenue and margin goals is heavily dependent on the Talent across the organisation, particularly in the Commercial Go-to-Market team.

Our Talent Management Solutions from Hiring Benchmarks to our Talent Enhancement training and coaching courses ensure well-trained, motivated employees who work together with purpose.

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  • Talent Capability Audits

    A talent capability audit is an assessment of your current and future talent needs, based on your business and commercial strategies.

    It forms the basis for an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses per division of your workforce and sets the foundation for strategic workforce planning. It also assists in the hiring of better talent, in line with long-term goals.

    Our Talent Capability Audit identifies what’s working within your talent function, where there are gaps and then forms the foundation of your Talent Strategy.

    Our Talent Audit includes the following:

    • Identification of talent gaps in your organisation including the Hiring Process, Onboarding and Staff Development
    • Motivation and engagement
    • Current training programme effectiveness
    • Skills that need to be improved within existing staff
    • A proposed strategic workforce planning roadmap.

    The audit and strategic workforce roadmap is completed in 6-8 weeks from project start, depending on the flow and accuracy of data.

  • Job and KPI Design

    Job design is the process of structuring a job role to meet the needs and objectives of an organisation. It ensures the employee fits the role, is motivated and enjoys a positive experience.

    At the outset, job design needs to include KPIs for the role to ensure alignment between key expectations of the organisation and candidate deliverables.

    Our Job Design Includes key components such as:

    • Responsibilities
    • Desired Skills
    • Benefits
    • Key Requirements such as Job Level, Pay Grade
    • Reporting Structures and Lines
    • Key Job Role KPIs.

    The design process is completed in 4-weeks from project start, depending on the flow and accuracy of data.

  • Talent Enhancement Training

    According to ES Research, between 85% and 90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days. Millions of Dollars and Rands are being wasted on sales performance annually. Once-off training events are simply a waste of money.

    Sales Force training requires repetition and a specific cadence. Our experience indicates that the best Sales Force training is aligned to a sales engagement process, and includes deployment with role-plays and regular refreshers. Tools for specific modules are key for learning, upskilling and performance improvement.

    Our training programmes are available in-person or online, are all facilitator-led and includes: 

    • Sales Manager Training
    • Sales Manager Coaching
    • Sales Rep Training
    • Service & Support Training
    • Call Centre Training (inbound and outbound).
  • Recruitment Process Design

    In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business environment, effective recruitment is more than hiring the right person for the job.

    An effective and efficient recruitment process reduces costs, increases the likelihood of a quality hire and enhances a company’s reputation in the market.

    Our experience has proven there is no shortcut to attracting and hiring quality candidates,

    We assist companies design and execute comprehensive and repeatable recruitment processes that:

    • Assist in attracting the right applicants
    • Identify high-potential candidates
    • Assess candidates with personality, cognitive and behavioural psychometric assessments
    • Assess candidates using bespoke role plays and assignments
    • Include scorecards for all phases of the process.

    A change management programme typically takes 6-8 weeks until completion.

  • Hiring Benchmarks

    Benchmarking is the process whereby the characteristics of the star performers that are unique to your Organisation are identified. A consolidated profile is then drafted and graphically represented to demonstrate these unique characteristics.

    The unique profile is then utilised for two specific reasons:

      1. For optimal recruitment purposes or more specifically, to recruit in accordance with ‘what works best’ in your Organisation
      2. To optimise training and development for ‘what works best’ in your organisation but also in accordance with the unique organisational benchmark.

    We assist companies design hiring benchmarks that:

    • Include a 360-degree view of a candidate
    • The benchmark includes psychological assessments, interviews and assignments
    • The benchmarks are predominantly digital, available online with the benchmark scale indicated in green.

    Benchmark design takes 4-6 weeks completion.

  • Change Management

    According to Gartner, the average modern organisation has undergone five major company-wide changes in the last three years. Our experience indicates change is a constant and is the reason why change management is vital for every business. Our experience also indicates most companies struggle when it comes to organisational or process change.

    Change is hard; however, it can also mean progress, business growth and increased productivity. Effective change management is critical to reducing frustration with operational and technology changes and increasing employee engagement. Well executed, it increases employees’ feedback, minimises costs, the risks of change and, most importantly, it optimises project management and improves projects’ returns on investment.

    Our Change Management Programme includes:   

    • The Programme launch with staff surveys
    • A Workshop for mapping change-impacts and planning a Change Management Programme to manage the change
    • Two-way internal communication
    • A specific bi-monthly meetings cadence is set to review Change Challenges and subsequently map the improvement plan

    A change management programme typically lasts 3-6 months from launch.

    A change management programme typically lasts 3-6 months from launch.


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