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A scientific approach to hiring and developing Managers, Sales Reps and Contact Centre Agents.

Revenue Partners ThinkSales Psychometric Assessments for Sales Hiring

The World Leader in Assessments for Competitive Sales

RevenuePartners (formerly ThinkSales) is the exclusive reseller of the Self Management Group's suite of Psychometric Assessments in Southern Africa

Revenue Partners Strategic-Business-Consultants

RevenuePartners, in partnership with Self Management Group, offers organisations scientific tools to improve attraction and selection of top sales candidates, succession planning, leadership development and career management.

Self Management Group was the first company to provide normative, psychometric profiles on the Internet and since then has become the largest sales profiling company in the world. Their unique, proprietary assessment tools, extensive data base and wide range of diagnostic assessments help organisations to use science and advanced statistical methods to measure and track the ROI of organisational initiatives.

Self Management Group has over 35 years of research experience and is active in 45+ countries, providing assessments in over 40 languages.

A Science-driven hiring and development tool

The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for science-based recruiting and selecting sales people for nearly three decades.

Psychometric Sales Assessments

Scientific hiring and development with Psychometric Assessments

Competitive Selling Assessments (POP7)

The Personal Orientation Profile (POP7™) is used to select and develop high performing sales people and has been proven to predict performance and retention in competitive selling.

Sales Manager Assessments

Identifies a range of leadership competencies including approach to motivating others, EQ, leadership style, communication style, approach to coaching, feedback and other critical competencies.

Call Centre Assessments

This report accurately predicts performance and identifies candidates that will succeed in roles that require cross-selling and up-selling in contact centre sales roles or customer service positions.

“The cost of the assessment is such a small portion of the cost vs the return on investment that we get from that – you can’t even compare. The information you get from the assessment and the use you get out of that; the time saving. It’s a no-brainer for us, we use it all the time.”

– Katinka Beeslaar
HR Manager, PMG

The Science of Hiring

Identify the characteristics of your top performers and benchmark candidates against these when hiring

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Benchmarks for Hiring

Build stronger sales teams with benchmarking by identifying the best sales DNA for your organisation and hiring accordingly.

The Science of Development

Get a clear picture of the strengths and developmental areas of your existing sales force

Revenue partners - Development Priority mapping - assessing sales teams

Development Priority Map

A scientific development tool for identifying the strengths and development areas within your existing sales force.